Wow, I really haven’t liked much modern rap music, and I honestly don’t like the Saw movies much at all, but I’m really digging this video and the song. Sad I haven’t heard of him till now

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Wow, Worst 24 hours I’ve had in a long time

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Big in Japan by Cliff Chiang 

Cliff Chiang’s mashup of the JLA and classic anime/tokusatsu.

I was digging through the storage room here at the underwater headquarters and ran across these character sheets I did almost 10 years ago. So I slapped on a new coat of digital paint and put ‘em up for your amusement. Similar to Grant Morrison’s ideas for Super Young Team, I imagined that the DC universe had a band of Japanese superheroes inspired by their original Western counterparts.  It’s basically a mix of DC, old school anime and kaiju. This got a tiny bit of interest around the offices (this was a year prior to the Marvel Mangaverse) but it never went anywhere because they already had Chris Moeller’s giant robot Justice League book in the works. Here, Batman is a wealthy but orphaned college student, the Joker is an insane visual kei rock star, and Superman is a giant robot controlled by the radio wristwatch of a young boy (the roles of Clark Kent and Lois Lane are filled in by the robot’s nerdy creator and the boy’s widowed mom). They’re really shameless pastiches, but kinda funny too. I’d like to draw some more finished versions of these at some point, just as a goof.

Bowling Ball/Case/One Shoe I got at Goodwill today for 1.50

Bowling Ball/Case/One Shoe I got at Goodwill today for 1.50

Saddest but funniest part of my night

Saddest but funniest part of my night

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